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Data Mining and Report Writing - Overview

Does your business software produce reports that you'd like to import into Excel for further analysis?
Do you re-key report data into Excel?
Does your software produce long reports that you'd like to roll up into intelligible output?
Would it be useful to extract data from reports and combine it with other data?

Datawatch Monarch software lets you do all this and more. Monarch extracts data from:

  • Reports printed to disk (e.g. txt files, prn files, ASCII files)
  • Databases (e.g. SQL Server, Pervasive, Access)
  • PDF files
  • Spreadsheets
Examples of useful Monarch models:

  1. On a report that runs ten, twenty, or hundreds of pages, but has lots of data that doesn't interest you, extract only what you want. Save paper! And save lots of time flipping through pages of unnecessary data. This is a very simple model which illustrates basic Monarch capabilities.

  2. How valuable would it be to know what items were purchased most frequently along with this week's coupon? And to know who purchased those items? Use Datawatch Monarch to do market basket analysis.

The possible uses of this tool are endless. Call or e-mail Nancy Hawley to learn about developing useful Datawatch Monarch models and saving hours of time. Use it in-house or contract with Nancy for development and execution.

Datawatch Monarch is a product of Datawatch Corporation.



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