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Data Mining and Report Writing
Example: Market Basket Analysis

How valuable would it be to know what items were purchased most frequently along with this week's coupon? And to know who purchased those items?

Here is an example of a Datawatch Monarch model which performs market basket analysis. Using a sales history report as a basis, the model asks the user for the market basket item. The model then reports what items were purchased along with the market basket item and counts the frequency of those related items.

1. Below is a portion of a Sales History (Ticket History) report. The first step is to open this report file with Datawatch Monarch .

2. Open the model and fill in the form. We want a report showing what items were sold on tickets along with item #coupon.

Market Basket Runtime Parameters


3. Datawatch Monarch produces a report showing what items were sold along with the key item, Coupon.

The template, filters, sorts, summary reports, etc. are saved for re-use as a model, so the next time we want to do a Market Basket Analysis, we run a Ticket History Report, open it in Monarch, open the saved model, and the model performs the analysis with no further user input.

Market Basket Report - Related Items

Open full PDF report

The possible uses of this tool are endless. Call or e-mail Nancy Hawley to learn about developing useful Datawatch Monarch models and saving hours of time.

Datawatch Monarch is a product of Datawatch Corporation.



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