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Data Mining and Report Writing
Example of a Simple Model

Here is a simple example of a useful Datawatch Monarch model.

1. Below is a very short Inventory Analysis Report that's useful for this illustration. We want to display only those items which have quantities or dollar values, not the lines with all zeroes. The first step is to open this report file with Monarch.

Inventory Analysis Report

Open original report as PDF

2. Define a template to trap the data we want to extract.

Report View with template

View larger screen shot of trapped fields

3. Datawatch Monarch extracts the trapped data and puts it in an Excel-like table, where it can be filtered, sorted, and calculations performed. Output can be printed from within Datawatch Monarch or exported to Excel, Access, and many other formats.

The template, filters, sorts, etc. are saved for re-use as a model, so the next time we run the Inventory Analysis Report, we simply open it in Datawatch Monarch, open the saved model, and the zero lines are stripped out.

Table View

View larger screen shot of filtered table

The possible uses of this tool are endless. Call or e-mail Nancy Hawley to learn about developing useful Datawatch Monarch models and saving hours of time.

Datawatch Monarch is a product of Datawatch Corporation.



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